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Almondereo Truffles

I find heaven in every bite of really good chocolate. My exploration into chocolate making came from the winter weekends when my daddy and I would throw everyone out of the house, shut all the windows and switch on all the air conditioners.

Bombay winters are not the best for chocolate making so the air conditioning was a must. We would temper the chocolate, roast the almonds and bake the biscuits, then lay it all on straightened sheets of parchment paper and watch while the chocolate settled. I remember those Sundays like they were yesterday. This recipe is a twist from our chocolate making expeditions and the so very famous Oreo Truffles that nearly everyone now knows how to make.

These Almondereo Truffles have never failed me, the roasted almond is the soul of this recipe and adds a delicious flavor that is simply unforgettable.


16 oz. Bakers Semi Sweet Chocolate if you live in the USA

If you live in India Selbourne milk or semi sweet tastes just fine

8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese

36 pcs. Oreo Cookies Original

20 Almonds


Roast almonds in a non stick pan for 20 min at 300°F in a preheated oven.

Allow the almonds to cool then grind them to a coarse powder and keep aside.

Break the Oreo cookies and grind them in a food processor, then transfer the powdered contents into a glass or plastic bowl.
Broken Oreo


Add softened cream cheese and mix till blended. I use a potato masher which eases the process tremendously.

Next, shape the mixture into round balls and place on silver foil or parchment paper.
Freeze them from anywhere between twelve to twenty-four hours.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler making sure water does not reach the chocolate pan.

Roll the truffles into the roasted almond mixture and dip them into the melted chocolate.
Be sure to place the dipped truffle balls onto foil or parchment paper.
Refrigerate and eat once set.

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