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The Most Influential Blogger Award


Its a good day when you know you are filled with love from others around you.

Thank you Kitty for the nomination and the award. I feel like today’s a good day to celebrate.
Welcome summer, you have changed the palette of the morning sky. The windows are now happily open and the fresh warm air is performing its debut ballet for the season. Oh how wonderful this all feels.

I have been inspired by a number of blogs and will soon post a list of my choice of the most influential bloggers — Coming soon

The Versatile Blogger Award


Every morning I have this monotonous ritual of stretching my hand out to grab my cell phone and read my emails and the news app so I can stay in touch with the things that are happening in India, where I lived for almost all my life. Why lie? It also helps me get a few more minutes in bed before I actually have to wake up and start my day.

Today was like any other I was hunting for my glasses without which I really am such a blind bat and need to practically touch my phone to my nose to get any information transferred to my brain.

So, with my phone in my hand and my cuddle pillow supporting my head I began to read. Delete – delete – delete went the first three mails and the morning Grinch in me starting mumbling and jumbling, flaunting my droopy eyed sleepy face complaining about all the spam mails I receive, when suddenly out of nowhere I read a comment on the blog.

My eyes opened wider I love reading comments on my blog and I was going to love reading this one it was from this wonderful blogger Rose, from forestmtnhike who so graciously nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award, this is also my first since I started blogging. I accept this award and will most happily share it. Thank you Rose.

Now I must follow three rules:

1- To thank the person who nominated me for the award
2- To share 7 random facts about myself
3- To nominate 15 bloggers of my favorite versatile bloggers for this award

So let me start with random facts about myself:

1- I love to write and I hate to read.
2- I am scared of crows, I have CrowoFobia and it’s a really bad one. If a crow sees me I almost always get attacked.
3- I love chocolate above most things. In order to hide them from my Endocrinologist and my Daddy who also loves chocolate just as much as me, I would hide in my cupboard and shut the doors so I could eat my chocolate in peace without ever having to share it. I got caught once or twice.
4- When I am bored I like to cook even if I am not hungry.
5- While eating a sizzler I always first finish my greens before I get to my steak.
6- I was born 14 years after my older sibling – No chance of any sibling rivalry there.
7- My favorite Television show has always and will always be I dream of Jeannie.

And now for my 15 Versatile Blogger nominations:

1- The Lyceum Blog – by WB
2- Wild Juggling
3- Know the sphere – by Jeremiah
4- Miss Chris Creations – by Christine
5- Rohit Trilokekar – By Rohit
6- Mamas Gotta Bake – by Sheryl
7- Pramudiya – by Pramudiya
8- Fashion Food and Flirts by Eveline
9- I know I have more to go but they will be featured soon enough

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